Indian Liver Patient Foundation

The humble beginning of Indian Liver Patient Foundation (ILPF) in 2016 has transformed into a journey of trendsetter in liver care in areas as far as awareness, capacity building, and social outreach activities and to bridge the gap between health care provider and the society.

The Concept behind ILPF: The Unmet Need!

It believes that health care does not imply in a doctor’s office, clinic or hospital. For everyone to achieve optimal health, the patients himself, patient to the community could bridge the gap about knowledge attitude and practice towards disease. ILPF is a health based charitable organization formed by a group of liver disease patients, health care providers, policy matters and social activists who are willing to offer voluntary, unconditional and uninterrupted support to fight for the cause of various liver diseases.

An experienced patient is the best person to lend a helping hand to his/her fellow colleagues for the care, compliance and betterment. Aim of ILPF is to promote the interests of people with liver disease in particular and that of community in general.

Journey of ILPF

In 2nd October 2016, the liver disease patient who came forward for their fellow to create a voice which is clear “I suffer I care & Now it’s You” with a logo which is self-explanatory i.e. the River patients get united to lead the cause of their own and for their fellow to make them aware, prevent and care the self. This led to birth of health based charitable organizations the “Indian Liver Patient Foundation (ILPF)” under able guidance of founder Dr. Ashok Choudhury, a Hematologist and liver transplant physician, researcher, academician, patient sympathizer and above all a social activist with support of his life partner Dr. Bishnupriya Sahoo. It conducted its first state level seminar in March 2017 followed up by three annual conferences, multiple health camps, school health education, institutional and corporate awareness program. lLPF started a state-wide campaign for awareness for hepatitis prevention, screening for hepatitis, cyclone relief campaign during Fani in 2019 and wellness program. It’s mission is for a society with free from or with minimum liver disease burden was shouldered by its active dynamic members, who came from different walk of life and started contributing their valuable time for the cause. ILPF journey had passed through many troughs and tides over times for its present form by the support of its visionary leaders, dynamic members, brand ambassadors, love of countless liver patients and passion of volunteers.

Covishield Vaccination - ILPFians

Dr Bharati Acharya - Covishield Vaccination
Dr Bharati Acharya - Covishield Vaccination
Dr Ranjit Pattnaik - Covishield Vaccination
Dr Ranjit Pattnaik - Covishield Vaccination
Dr Sushmita - Covishield Vaccination
Dr Sushmita - Covishield Vaccination


HEELER Initiative

Date: 6-Sep-2020

Time: 3:00 PM


Celebrating Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi with abandoned Sr. citizens and Mentally disabled.

Date: 2-Oct-2020

Time: 11:00 AM

New Member Welcome

New Member Welcome at Bhubaneswar – A social initiative by ILPF

Date: 22-Nov-2020

Time: 11:30 PM